Roaming around

With no apologies for the irresistible pun – here are some pictures of my few short days visiting some of the major sights on Hadrian’s Wall (once the limit of the Roman Empire). I went to Corbridge and Chesters in the fog, Birdoswald at dawn, Housesteads in the rain, Vindolanda and the Roman Army Museum in holiday crowds and beautiful Walltown Crags in almost total isolation (except for one lady with her two friendly collies). Sadly my ankle didn’t heal in time for a real hike so the 5km loop at Walltown was my only proper walk on the wall. The weather was described by the British tourists as “bracing”: good thing I have a new water and wind-proof coat! The most astonishing sight by far was the guy in a JCB merrily excavating/moving a huge pile of dirt and masonry on the Vindolanda site.