Fun with Google Maps

Mum keeps asking me for my itinerary and a few other people have been asking where I am going so I’ve been looking for ways to add my plans to this blog easily to share them. I’ve been using Tripit for all my travel plans for years just forwarding my email bookings so it automatically creates an itinerary. I have added a few people so they can see all my plans but when I tried using the calendar feed from tripit in a post (via a custom Google Calendar) I quickly realised there was way too much booking detail included.

So instead I’ve spent a bit of time making a custom Google Map with all the locations of places I am staying, visiting, travelling and shopping and then writing up the highlights on a page here. I setup a few categories (Accomodation, Attractions and Other) and used some standard colours for those so I could quickly filter and scan, plus I used some of the custom icons which were cute! The only drawback is that I had to make the map public on the web in order to embed it below, which means I had to leave out the locations of family and friends I am visiting for privacy reasons.