Photography practice

I was out early taking photos this morning, under the capable instruction of my daughter, and for once using a real camera. Amanda is lending me her Fujifilm digital camera for my trip so I won’t need to rely solely on my phone.I’ve never owned a real camera so I don’t have any idea what all the buttons and dials do so we headed down to Cape Schank for a short walk and a little photography instruction. The flower close-ups were a bit fuzzy, and I’ll need to practice framing shots to get a better layout but I’m happy with this for a first attempt.

34 days to go…

The return of the blog

Moffat Beach Headland

I have a six week holiday booked in October and November to the United Kingdom, with brief side trips to Ireland and France. Since I expect to take a photo or two, and I will be doing some family history research while I am there, I have decided to resurrect this old blog to record anything of interest to people back home. I guess if you could rely on Facebook or Instagram to show all your posts to your family without fail there would be no need for a blog, but who can know the arcane methods of the Facebook newsfeed algorithm…

This time I am trying to improve my photography as well by adding an image to every post. This week its a nice shot of dawn for this new beginning.